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Doesn't work. Full of bugs. Pathetic.

Confederate Commander

After downloading the corresponding app for Samsung's SDE 4001home surveillance system I was told it was outdated. I was redirected to another app that crashes every time you try to log in with your access information. It crashes at the exact same point, when I try to enter the IP address.

Nviewer lite

Another junk app by Samsung remote monitoring. App crashes when inputting IP data. Worthless.

Horrendous ..

Wifi only Samsung screwed up big time by asking to upgrade to this crap..


Awesome works great wish it allowed me to record

Wifi only???????????

This blows who wants to always be under wifi to view your CCTV. Needs a new update for cell view under 3G,4G and LTE please fix ASAP

It's ok

Download it and works fine no better then the old one I was using


Downloaded the update and now the the app crashes!!! Do not update this app unless you want problems...Please fix this app!!!

Make it work

I just downloaded the app. It doesn't work... Just a black screen


Installed a system for a customer so they could check in on their home. This app does not work...customer is very upset. Please update the app so it will work. We tried the $4.99 version and got the same results.

NViewer Lite

What's taking so long to update this app for IOS6 to take advantage of the new larger screen?

Crashes and useless

I can hit my cameras from a browser via an IP address but this app crashes every time. I tried it from my iPhone also and had the same results. I am running iOS 6 so maybe they need to update their app. Disappointing and damaging for a brand like Honeywell.


Cannot view cameras using IOS 6.0.1, Please fix

Good Luck

Have had this app for well over a year and it rarely ever works. Was the reason I bought my CCTV, so I could keep my eye on my house. One would think they could make it viewable under 3G or at least 4G! Sometimes won't even open in Wifi ( cannot connect to server) Have been very disappointed since day one:( Please fix!

No 4G no point!

Please upgrade this app!


The new update doesn't work on 4g or wifi. Please fix.


Worthless unless I'm at my facility where my CTV is.

Please Fix

Please fix this app now! Like others have said, only works with wifi, I depend on this app to keep an eye on my home and business.


Only work via wifi, not full screen for i5

not working

Like everyone else, mine has stopped working. Just my phone though. Wife's phone and iPad with same software is working fine. Anyone have any ideas....my security provider is stumped and so am I!


Not working anymore since iO6 update! Is there a fix for this?

3g, 4g or LTE

Can't connect over 3g or 4g ????


Is this compatible with IOS6? I just downloaded the app and after I put in the ip, port numbers and hit save app crashes and kicks me out. Please help!!!

Excellent App

I use this app every day for my business. I check it about 10 times a day for two different businesses I have. It works great. I which the clarity was better, but I believe that is the fault of my internet provider. This is a great app if you want to keep an eye on your business or home. I would highly recommend it. I have used it this for almost a year now and love it!

Used to work good

This app worked pretty good for me until the last update and now I can't connect at all. Please fix!

Won't work

I keep getting a failed connection!!!! I've downloaded both the lite and the full version and in both the iPad AND iPhone, but nothing is working and all are giving me the same message!!!!!

Can't get this work!!!!!

Put app on my I phone with sprint. Kept getting RTSP server doesn't respond. Cant get it to work. Works on other iPhone with AT&t. Not sure what is wrong and why it will not work

Downgrade IOS requirements to 4.3.2

Change the iOS requirements back to the ways it was before march 15th when you updated it. I, along with many will not update to 5.1

Needs the ability to select a camera from a list.

Good app. Works well with the Honeywell HREP16. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to select a camera from a list while in live view and recorded view instead of having to swipe to each one. When you are using a 16 camera system it takes too long to swipe to the camera you desire. Add that and it will make the app much better and more convenient.


The UI is straight forward, but I've found it to be a little crash prone (like when trying to switch to split screen mode). Assuming the firewall is all set up this should be pretty straightforward. As mentioned earlier: not sure why RTSP port is required, nor what the difference is in the full version.


Works great. Amazing update from icam viewer


This app works very well but I would rate it 5 star if you had a sound feature to be able to listen to what video/audio is recording

Works fine

Works well, you need the Honeywell CCTV installed though.

Doesn't work with the rtsp

Just get rid of the RSTP option. You don't need it. It won't configure unless that is filled in and I've tried just about every number and I just won't work

Great app

Ok it works great. Can I say you must do port forwarding in your router. Not sure of differene between lite and full version.

Dose not work

Dose not work at all

No Complaints

I've had this app for a week and so far it's been flawless.

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